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Provide services, manage clients, and collect payments - all from your smartphone

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Start a chat

Start your business in 2 seconds! Creating a chat group is as easy as giving it a name, personalizing the color and photo to match your brand.

Invite people

Send users a link via email or message so they can join from their computers - we'll send them a text to make sure they install the app.


How much can I earn on Quorum?

See the subscriptions revenue you could make chatting

 per month

Get paid for the conversation

Stop chasing down payments through Venmo, e-transfer or whatever you do. For every person. In every chat!

Chat on your phone

It's all there - Emoji, photos, typing indicators, read receipts, push notifications. Everything you expect from a modern chat 💬


Manage on your desktop

Use our web dashboard to manage users, track engagement, and chat through a web-based interface designed for scale

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Quorum is the easiest way to manage your virtual business. Please read our FAQ for any other questions on pricing and payments that you might have.