Build a business through chat

Provide services, manage clients, and collect payments - all from your smartphone

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Quorum for coaches

Communicate with your clients

Keep in touch with your clients in a more natural way

Build a community

Let your clients connect and support each other while maintaining their privacy

Control the conversation

Ensure your community is safe by deciding who can participate and when the chat is active. Prevent trolls from signing up with strong identity verification

Quorum for clubs

Easy payment collection

No more chasing membership fees. Easily collect recurring and one-off charges

Private by default

Prevent participants from accessing each others phone numbers and other personally identifiable information. Comply with GDPR and CCPA

Keep conversation focussed

Decide when the conversation is active and who can participate. Prevent conversations going off-topic or participants sharing inappropriate media

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Quorum for private communities

Mitigate leaks from sensitive conversations

Screenshot notifications inform you when something is shared. Unique interface identifiers match participants with leaked images

Under lock and key

Enable biometric and password protections to ensure only authorized participants gain access

Identification & verification

Verify the identity of participants using government issued ID

Easy Sign Up

Collect payments

Whether it's a once-off fee or a recurring subscription, we make it easy for your clients to pay you

Manage subscriptions

Get full visibility on subscription status and automate all of the boring work of ensuring payments are up to date

Control access

Invite people via email, phone number or share a public link

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Advanced moderation

The chat interface you know with the group management features you wish you had

Secure what's said

Enable screenshot mitigation and strong customer authentication for sensitive chats

Control the conversation

Define participant roles and decide who can contribute and when. Pause the conversation at any time, or set active hours to reduce the noise

Track engagement

See who is participating and who is slipping away. Support your biggest contributors and proactively reach out to those who could be more active

Fully Featured Chat

A simple and clean interface that your clients will know and love

It's all there

Emoji, photos, typing indicators, read receipts, push notifications. Everything you expect from a modern chat

In-chat payments

No more Venmo links or bank transfers. Collect one-off payments for events or services right in the chat itself

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What are you waiting for?


Does Quorum support iOS and Android?

Yes, we want to make sure your whole community is include. Get in touch if you'd like early access.

Who built Quorum?

Quorum is made with ❤️ by the team who brought you Monaru! Follow our story.

Where is Quorum available?

Our early users are US and EU based but we should be able to support most geographies. Get in touch for more details.

I have more questions, how do I get in touch?

Drop us a message in Intercom, we'd love to chat :)
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